Handprinted reversible mulberry stag cushion



Hand printed in Wiltshire inspired by The Highlands, our Great parks and Celtic mythology and the Jura Forests, “the cromie stag,” Gaelic for “crooked.” In Jura only do
 these stags exist; how they got there or whence they came no one knows, but there they have been from time immemorial, and confident I feel either that they are a distinct race, or that some stag from foreign lands once managed to get to Jura in days gone by "

This is a magestic rustic cushion based on a white stag. Thought to have led king Arthur and his knights to the Holy Grail and linked to the other world for man and Kingdoms.
This is the Monarch of the Glen on a muted mulberry  hessian ground giving a tweedy effect with with hessian trim ribbon detailing and on the other side two stags calling - you decide which way you want it  
extras includes a 20 x 20 inner

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